25th March to 14th April, 2017


Approaching the arts ecosystem through artistic practice sessions, artists talks and performances, the Artistic Practice Symposium considers the performing arts production modes and its regime of visibility within the present socio-political context where we live in. Nowadays, there’s an urgency on engaging modes that insists stronger on inclusion immanency and in the power of imagination, in order to establish diffractive tendencies that are willing to reinvent typologies and topologies within the communities.


Currently, artistic practises have been having a fundamental role in the way how artists transmit their know-how and working methodologies. Artistic research dwells more and more in experimental and relational processes within logics wherein the ideas and its material expressions, distributes movements and matters that inquiry performativities and speculate perceptions and transductions that exist beyond the human range.


The multiplicity of practice-based research and collaborative dispositives that will be shared by the invited artists during the Symposium, reveals a discursive space of artistic reflection that is of crucial value for the Porto performing arts scene.


The Artistic Practice Symposium, is a program to all interested audience, visual and performing artists, art researchers, cultural agents and curious people who work within and beyond the arts.




Curated by 

Ana Rocha and Jorge Gonçalves


Invited Artists 

Alice Chauchat, Anna Gaïotti, Anne Juren, Antonija Livingstone, Dinis Machado, Isabel Lewis, Jack Hauser, Jennifer Lacey, Litó Walkey, Marcos Simões, Marcus Bergner, Nadia Lauro, Hamish MacPherson, Philipp Gehmacher, Sabina Holzer, Sara Manente, Valentina Desideri, Vladimir Miller and von Calhau


Organization and Production 



Communication support

Municipality of Porto - Cultural Department


Residency support

Ateneu Comercial do Porto


MEZZANINE is a non profit cultural association financed by Governo de Portugal - Ministério da Cultura/Direção Geral das Artes and member of REDE - Associação de Estruturas para a Dança Contemporânea.

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